#Dreamsforsale…Playing Games in the Den

#Dreamsforsale…”Our den was the perfect spot to hang out with friends either playing board games, watching T.V or eating snacks at the bar!”…sellers of 2051 90th Street



The sellers of  2051 90th Street, have their very own den in their basement that is the centre of activity in the house. With features like the wooden games table, huge living room and bar it made entertainment easy! Being in community is a commodity in our lives, we are social beings after all! Who we surround ourselves with should not be taken lightly as they have the potential to imprint on and shape who we are. A great exercise to get to know the core of someone is through questions and curiosity. But you don’t have to try and think of those questions on your own, just simply click the link and you will be taken to an article that has ‘100 interesting questions to ask people around you’!


This dream can be yours by checking out our listing at 2051 90th Street and give Melody Wilson a call at 780-945-7821 for more details!

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