#Dreamsforsale…Playing Games in Our Backyard

#Dreamsforsale…  “It was such a treat having a large backyard to accommodate all of our friends and  provide numerous ideas for fun “… sellers of 111 Douglas Lane, Leduc.


The sellers of  111 Douglas Lane, Leduc have fond memories of all the activities they were able to enjoy and plan due to their large back yard. The possibilities were endless, from having neighbours over for BBQ’s, playing frisbee, growing plants and basically anything their imagination could come up with! Being outside isn’t just fun, but also scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and promote happiness! If you are wanting to take advantage of the great weather in your yard but are feeling lost or uncreative, Peggy Wang has an amazing article about ‘37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do in Your Backyard This Summer‘. Be sure to click the link and choose your top 10 to try out this summer! 

This dream can be yours for only $305,000 by checking out our listing at 111 Douglas Lane Leduc and give Kevin Doyle a call at 780-314-8001 for more details! 




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