#Dreamsforsale – Living near West Edmonton Mall


“We loved living so close to West Edmonton Mall and its limitless entertainment options and shopping” – seller at 162 Marlborough Place.

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Located only a quick 5-8 minute drive or bus ride from the world class West Edmonton Mall, the owners at 162 Marlborough Place appreciated the proximity to so many attractions.  The popular and massive indoor Mall is the number one tourist stop in the city and is also much beloved by locals , especially during Edmonton’s long winter months.  West Edmonton Mall has plenty to offer Edmonton residents – everything from an indoor waterpark and rollercoaster to sea lion show, cineplex, bowling, restaurants and more , oh and of course shopping and endless job opportunities as well.   With the majority of city inhabitants needing to make a long drive or take a lengthy bus ride to access the far west mall, the location at 162 Marlborough is absolutely ideal. For a full list of mall attractions and amenities, please check out their website! 

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Also visit here to see the full listing at 162 Marlborough Place!

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