#Dreamsforsale… Decorating the Christmas tree

#Dreamsforsale… We loved gathering together with the kids to decorate our Christmas tree in our cozy living room … sellers of 92 Orchid in Sherwood Park

The sellers of 92 Orchid had the perfect cozy living room to decorate for Christmas . A  favourite memory of life in this house was joining together as a family to decorate their tree each December with their many sentimental ornaments including homemade ones. Christmas trees are nostalgic for most people and one of the ways to make them even more special each year is having handmade ornaments  and we have a list for you of some great ideas for crafting tree decorations as a family.  Fifty five easy homemade Christmas ornaments… courtesy of good housekeeping.com 

Find out how this dream can be yours for only $418,872 by checking out our listing at 92 Orchid Crescent. 

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