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We loved being able to use our outdoor patio even when it was raining – seller of 9110 Grandin Road


A covered patio is a real asset in a four season climate and allows a homeowner to get far more usage from their outdoor space. You can sit and sip your coffee in the fresh air – whether sunny and warm or cool and damp. The homeowners of 9110 Grandin Road especially loved to curl up on the outdoor patio with a good book when the rain was falling and the roof provided much appreciated shade during the hot summers.  It may not be patio weather anymore but its not too late to already think ahead to how you can best utilize your own outdoor space this coming year and we have here for you 7 tips to extend your patio use as late into the year as possible (all tips are courtesy directly  from houzz.com)

1.Add a rooftop. Whether you choose a permanent, year-round construction or a seasonal canopy, a roof over the patio will help to contain heat in the cooler months. If possible, wire it with lighting to prepare it for fall’s earlier setting sun. (already take care of for you with 9110 Grandin Road)

2. If you do add a roof, circle it with curtains. You can easily block a breeze when it becomes too chilly, plus, aesthetically, their addition will give your covered patio a tropical cabana feel.

 3. Build a fireplace. This one is fairly obvious, and will change the way you experience your patio.

4. If a fireplace is too large an investment, or your patio simply does not have space, light each seating area separately with small, portable candles. You’ll benefit from similar warm lighting without shelling out big bucks.

5. Heat lamps can warm a considerable area, helping your whole patio stay cozy despite dipping temperatures.

6. In dryer climates, consider adding a rug beneath your furniture, especially for stone floors, which can be cooler. The rug will more comfortable on bare feet and ground the look as a whole.

7. Warm up your furniture with upholstered cushions.

This dream of a covered patio can be yours too!! Book your appoinment today to see 9110 Grandin Road by calling Keith Faria at 780-920-3359 and view the property HERE !! 


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