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“We love our neighbourhood and being so close to downtown” – seller at 11008 129 Street.  Do you want to live in this beautiful west central home ? Check out our listing here 

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Although many families choose to make their home out in the suburbs, living central in a major city has a ton of advantages.  Here are three ways that make living close to downtown so awesome, for the full article from Street Directory read here :

Convenience – For convenience, few things match downtown areas. In most cities, homeowners and tenants living downtown are only steps away from restaurants, stores, cultural events, and much more. Transportation lines and employers are often close by as well. If you want to be able to walk to your favorite cafes and shops and don’t want to have to drive everywhere, downtown real estate can have you living right in the middle of it all.

   2.   High property values. As downtown areas are revived, property prices increase. This can be great news if you are able to buy affordably. Plus, since the downtown area of most cities attracts a fair amount of businesses as well as home buyers, many homeowners find that property prices stay high since entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for property in the area. Downtown, then, can ensure that your equity does not take a hit simply because your living area is no longer considered ‘trendy.’

3. Gentrification. Most downtown areas have been undergoing renovations and improvements in the past few years. This has meant safer neighborhoods as well as higher quality of life in these areas.

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