#Dreams For Sale…Going for Adventures in the Park

#Dreamsforsale…” We loved going for walks in the parks and green-space behind our home. Having so many opportunities for activities right at our back doorstep was such a luxury”… sellers of 124-5 Aberdeen Way 

The sellers of 124-5 Aberdeen Way in Stony Plain had a little piece of heaven on their back doorstep that would be cherished by any growing family. Having a green-space with local parks and paths created endless fun and ideas for dates, excursions, exercise and much more. The imagination can run while when surrounded by old, mature trees, sunshine, bird songs and soft grass! Take advantage of the amazing trails in and around your area and GET OUT!  The Organic Life speaks about how by just spending 15 minutes outside a day, you can boost focus, ease anxiety and more

This dream can be yours for just $195,000 !  Check out our listing at 124-5 Aberdeen Way in Stony Plain and calling Melody Wilson at 780-945-7821 for more details today! 

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