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One of Edmonton’s newest neighborhoods, the Hamptons was developed in the early 200o’s and is a young family friendly community. The neighborhood is located in the far west of Edmonton and is bounded on the west by Winterburn Road, on the east by the Anthony Henday Drive and on the south by 45 Avenue. The northern boundary is 62 Avenue.  

Neighbourhood Facts

The Hamptons is characterized by large single-detached houses as well as several semi-detached homes and row houses. The area is approximately 87% owner-occupied and as with most new neighborhoods, it is very popular with younger families. The average home price is $410,000 and the population currently stands at approximately 9400 residents. 

Parks and Green Spaces

The Hamptons offers its inhabitants access to an active lifestyle through several lakes and walkways throughout the community. The area’s walking trails are well taken care of and were designed with beautiful landscaping in mind. There are playgrounds throughout the neighbourhood for the area’s many children to enjoy.


Amenities are plentiful nearby as there are two shopping centers in nearby Glastonbury and The Hampton Market and the Grange offers restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops and banks.  West Edmonton Mall also provides abundant stores and attractions and the close proximity of the Whitemud Drive and Anthony Henday make commuting very convenient. 


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