Building A Home in Edmonton – Where Can I Build?

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Today is your new build update! Feel free to watch the video on Facebook – but a warning that the audio is not the best! Read on to learn more!

I’m sure you guys must be wondering how the builds going on beside me! They’ve been working late into the night and it’s been annoying! BUT moving on!

The Edmonton real estate market is insanely hot! As in homes on the market they’re gone in two seconds, it doesn’t matter whether it’s resale or new build! Today I’m going to talk to you specifically about the new build world.

In the new build world of course I’ve been saying this for a while, the discounts are gonna drop they have dropped. So discounts just don’t exist or the incentives have gone very low. Homes that are spec home, homes that are ready to take possession – they’re selling very quickly as well and there’s very, very little inventory left. You should understand too that people are writing offers and they may not get financing, so we are able to grab those properties for you and we’ve been able to do that for some of our clients where they came back and the home was available. I will keep my eye on those properties, and have strong relationships with the builders to know what could fit your criteria.

I want to talk to you about where you can build in Edmonton and where are these new builds because you obviously cannot get these new builds in central Edmonton, because if you do it would be an infill product and those are a completely different thing that we’re talking about, we are talking talking about homes that are located on the outside Anthony Henday, the ring road. So basically if you want to build an Edmonton there’s a few different quadrants, you’ve got northeastern, northwest Edmonton, west Edmonton, southwest, and southeast. In St. Albert there’s just a couple of areas which are Riverside on the west area, and Jenson Lakes at the top part of St. Albert.

Each area in Edmonton will have pros and cons, different amenities, and differing price points. For a list of places to build in Edmonton click HERE. For more details about each area please feel free to contact us!

If you have questions about building a home in Edmonton, or want more information check out our YouTube Playlist – Home Building 101 or contact us today!


Melody Wilson is an Edmonton Realtor® with RE/MAX Elite, and a happily married Mom to 3 great kids! Melody and her gang like to explore Edmonton, always checking out current events, festivals, museums, playgrounds, and restaurants! (Check out our Edmonton food blog!) Melody loves all things Edmonton, including the real estate market – she’s been a realtor basically all her life, growing up in the industry and officially licensed since 2009 (loving it so much it’s her full time job) and is thankful to work with great clients when buying or selling in Edmonton!

In the past 5 years she’s helped over 400 families buy and sell in Edmonton and area. Feel free to share with your friends and family, and subscribe to our channel for more great content on YEG, plus tag a friend, follow us on social media, or call us for your real estate needs or to chat living in Edmonton!

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