As A Seller You Could…

There’s a lot of moving parts to figure out and be knowledgeable and experienced when selling your home. Understanding the market and how it’s working in your specific area and price point is important. Though the media may say something it’s not really enough to help you plan.

You also need to understand how to price a home and what buyers are doing, what properties are getting activities and selling quickly.

Marketing is also a key component to get your home exposed it’s not only about knowing where to post but how to post, how to find the qualified buyers and agents working with them. It’s important to showcase and maximize the different social media platforms to expose your home, why? Even if you don’t see value there IS value. More eyes on the property the more showings and more showings you increase your odds of offers you’d like to see.

Seem like a lot? I haven’t even covered all the work you need to do before it hits the market like cleaning, painting, staging etc…

We can help with all of it! Lay out a game plan and walk you through it all!

We got you!

Wanting to sell your home?

Inside over the winter? Freshen up your home and get it ready for the spring real estate market!

Check out the VIDEO HERE and for more tips.

Plus are you a family looking to upgrade, downsize, build? Maybe you’re looking to be first time home buyers? We have videos for you! New Videos every Saturday so subscribe to the channel RIGHT NOW!

Melody Wilson is an Edmonton Realtor® powered by Real Broker and a happily married Mom to 3 great kids! Melody and her gang like to explore Edmonton, always checking out current events, festivals, museums, playgrounds, and restaurants! (Check out our Edmonton food blog!)

Melody loves all things Edmonton, including the real estate market – she’s been a realtor basically all her life, growing up in the industry and officially licensed since 2009 (loving it so much it’s her full time job) and is thankful to work with great clients when buying or selling in Edmonton!

In the past 5 years she’s helped over 400 families buy and sell in Edmonton and area.

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