Weekend Real Estate Update//December 5

Every Monday, Melody and/or Keith will be giving us a ReLife Real Estate update from the weekend that just passed,  check out today’s update on how things went !

 Melody and Keith continued to be busy over the weekend with buyer showings as serious buyers are still out and about in December . The market has slowed down due to the arrival of December which means buyers have more time to search and hunt and think before putting in offers – leading to longer waits for the sellers to receive any offers.   December is a pretty chaotic season for everyone so if you are wanting to buy or sell but want to wait until after the busyness of Christmas than its a great time to be thinking ahead to 2017. January tends to be an active time for realtors as buyers and sellers book appointments to get prepared for the hot spring market. Book your January appointment with Melody or Keith today by clicking HERE. 

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