13 Activities That Will Make Your Kids Fall in ❤️ with Edmonton Winters❄️

Edmonton winters can be pretty harsh somedays, and filled with beauty and fun on others! Do you love or hate Edmonton winters? We find it can be a fairly divisive subject!

But regardless, kids seem to be immune to the cold that envelopes Edmonton for the next few months. They love to get out there, play in the snow, create, skate, ski, roll, build, etc. often without worrying about freezing toes or running noses.

Today we send you to an awesome blog post by one of our favourite websites – Raising Edmonton. Check out a snippet:

Festivals and activities through the city help parents to teach kids, in short bursts filled with activity, at a time, to get out there and begin to embrace the cold weather in Edmonton.

Click ??here to check out the entire article.

How do you plan to get your kids out there this winter?❄️⛄️

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