What is a buyer’s market?

Have you wondered what a buyers market is in the context of the Edmonton Real estate market? Today, Melody Wilson, REMAX Elite, discusses what a buyers market is and what does that mean for you as a buyer or as a seller?
You can take advantage of this market if you are wise with choosing the right team to align yourself with. Choosing a professional, full time REALTOR, like Melody, she will assist you in navigating as a buyer to get the best deal possible that is out there (and sometimes those are not the ones on MLS!). As a seller, she will help make sure you sell and don’t become a statistic that just sits on the market and also that the buyers choose your home and not other homes since the odds of selling in this current market is less than 15%!

Thanks for tuning into all our relife Shows, this is Episode 60!

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