Maisie’s Magical Christmas House is a fixture of Edmonton at Christmas. People from all over the city come visit this wonderful display, located on the corner of 144 Ave and 97 St, but they will miss it this year. The Christmas House is shutting down because of city regulations concerned with safety.

Named after Dolynchuk’s mother, Maisie, the Christmas House helps bring in donations for Edmonton’s food bank as well. The Christmas House is an annual fundraiser that helps Edmonton’s less fortunate. Why is it shutting down?

The Christmas display has grown over the years, so much so that it was using city property. The owner of the home, Jerry Dolynchuk, received numerous complaints about the road right-of-way in the area and was asked to reduce the amount of decorations and follow a number of requirements in order to continue to use the city property for his Christmas House.

Dolynchuk usually begins preparing the Christmas display in August because it takes about three months to complete. Dolynchuk does this display for fun and he knows how much Edmontonians enjoy it. It’s not a business for him but the city treats it like it is. Every year the city wants Dolynchuk to pay a fee, they requested he take out a million-dollar liability insurance policy as well. The fun is now gone for Mr. Dolynchuk and unfortunately for Edmontonians.

If Dolynchuk fails to comply the city will charge him and unauthorized objects will be removed. Thanks a lot City of Edmonton.

Even though the Christmas House is not a business, Dolynchuk has spent time and money to bring us this display every year. He has put in almost a quarter million dollars over the years and the City of Edmonton’s restrictions are now making it too difficult to operate.


183 Responses to “BYE BYE CHRISTMAS HOUSE”
  1. Dana says:

    And meanwhile, Page the Cleaners continues to operate and they haven’t paid civic taxes in more than 10 years. Hypocrisy.

  2. Karyn says:

    It was a HUGE distraction, a parking/driving NIGHTMARE and a massive electricity suck. There was never a cohesive theme or design, it was just a pile of Christmas stuff arranged on his yard, lit up and called A Thing.

    It was fine for the first few years but then it turned into a tacky mess because he just kept putting more stuff out, stuff that had nothing to do with any of the other stuff. The lights are mismatched (half old, dim energy-leeches, the other half shiny new LEDs that blink like hell and are bright as shit), the decorations are old, new and everything in between (painted plywood cutouts, LED animals, inflatable snowmen and Santas, etc) and it’s a MESS. There’s nothing consistent about the stuff out there, it’s just STUFF.

    On Candy Cane Lane the neighbours all agree to it, it looks NICE and there’s enough room for cars to drive through or park without turning the street into a complete wreck. This place is at a major intersection, leading to parked cars along 144 Avenue, clogging up the already limited street parking, and flowing out onto 97 Street, creating hazardous traffic jams.

    I bet the neighbours LOVED dealing with people taking up all the street parking. And those god-awful lights glowing, flashing and blinking at different intervals in your windows all night long? Sounds like a BLAST.

    Sure, it was fun for the first few years, but it’s had it’s run.

    Sure, he put in lots of money to put it together, but it’s not working for the city because of the traffic conditions and HUGE liability it creates so YES, it does have to go. There are plenty of other Christmas things to see in the Edmonton area, so this is not that big a loss.

    • Karyn says:

      And, might I add – this man CHOSE to spend a quarter of a million dollars on this. No one ASKED him to keep putting money into decorations and lights.

      • Lester says:

        You probably don’t know this, but he in fact OWNS the home hardware on 149st. Every single light bulb he put out was “sponsored” by his business, and therefore a right off!!
        I visited a few times and we did enjoy it, but yea I can’t imagine being his neighbour…

        • Jax says:

          So all the “Sponsorship” that could have gone to other charity events he used on himself?

          • Christian Noel says:

            The sponsorship was to defray the costs of the display. The fundraiser for the less fortunate affiliated with the display is the true purpose of the whole thing. So no, the money he put up wasn’t for himself…..Try reading the story.

          • Jeff says:

            He is getting food for the Food Bank, but if he’s just using land out side of his own property with out permission…. then Get permission. Don’t just ignore them.
            And the electricity Suck is only on his bill unless he’s plugging into someone else’s power.

        • Joy says:

          Lester, actually, Dolynchuk was always up front about owing a hardware store….who gives a rats about that anyway?

        • jennifer says:

          Funny how that hardware store is gone now? Maybe he has no more light bulbs to be ‘sponsored’!
          And Mr. Dolynchuk chooses to pound stakes into the area where there are fibre optic lines for the neighbourhood computers – what will eveyone say when he pounds a stake right through that and has to pay thousands of dollars to have it fixed? Not quite so vocal then, eh?!
          The city has policies for a reason – safety is a huge reason.

          • Debby says:

            Having worked with a company that screens for telecommunication lines including fibre optic, ya repairing those lines is a big deal and damage to them really does put computers out of service.

          • Loretta says:

            actually he did compromise on this issue, he agreed to put above ground lights and slays where there were fibre optic lines. I think one of the biggest things was the time constraint put on him it takes him three months to set up, and some of the decorations he can’t take down till the snow melts.

      • Joy says:

        Hey Karyn,
        No one asked him to help collect food for a wonderful cause either…..where is that in your one-sided, narrow minded rant?

      • cam glowatsky says:

        karyn,its peop;e like u with these ridiculous comments ,that don’t have the balls to write your last name,chickenshit

      • cindy says:

        you’re mean

      • bob says:

        No you don’t need to add anything. You said more than enough. I think you are jealous because you don’t even know how to put up a tree and you hate that he is getting a lot of attention and your poor me attitude gets zero attention. He is doing something that thousands of people enjoy. So get off the rag and get a reassembled tree and try cracking a smile for a minute or 2.

    • Nate says:

      You must be a blast at parties you miserable bitch. I really hope you don’t have children, would be fucking hell having a bitch of a mother like you

      • michelle says:

        haha @ nate so true. what a miserable person

      • Sonny says:

        Love it you could not have said it any better

      • Joy says:

        Nate, love your comment. I’d love to deliver Karyn a whole lot of um….coal!

      • Marty says:

        You nailed it Nate! Halloween is over, but I guess there are still a few witches around, haunting us all!!

      • Thix says:

        Nate you are so right … Every year I go and look at the house looking for something new. At least he does it for a good cause and the City should leave him the hell alone . He Helps get donations for the Food banks that the city almost refuses to help. Ever been to one ? When you go to do a Drop off at one of them they always seem to be outdated and people like Jerry try so hard to help them.

      • kaylee says:

        Although I don’t agree whatsoever with what “karyn” said, I do believe that it is completely inappropriate to use verbally abusive language to express your point. As for the house, it was on my daily commute and even with all the traffic jams and huge amount of “stuff”, I truly enjoyed seeing it every night on my way home; it would immediately brighten my spirits. it was about celebrating and bringing people together, and clearly lots of people see the value in that, or there wouldn’t be traffic jams and parking issues… the point is that everyone is entitled to their opinion about it but there’s no need to contaminate the issue with profanity and disrespect.

    • Britt says:

      Grinch much

    • Anonymous says:

      You know, it’s people like you Karyn that unleash their negativity on others because you have nothing better to do with your time than ruin the good intentions of others. It’s tragic that this house will no longer have this display, as there should always be a place at Christmas time that people can go and spend quality time with their friends and family. I personally have great memories of doing such things with my family as a child. This is an experience ALL children should get a chance to enjoy, building happy memories. Happiness is a choice, so is misery. Please try to refrain from posting your negative comments on something that is a tragedy, and try to take time to enjoy life and all it has to offer :)

      • crazycatlady says:

        While Karyn may not have expressed herself very diplomatically, as someone who does live fairly close to the neighbourhood where Maisie’s Magical Christmas House was located, I can assure you that the intersection at 97th St & 144 Ave was an absolute nightmare while the displays were up. You couldn’t turn for fear of hitting people who were just wandering across the road, you had to watch out every second for vehicles pulling out without bothering to signal….and the displays themselves? Years ago, they were great! Bright, well put together, and fun to see. By last year, they were not much more than what appeared to be a vain attempt to have the house visible from the Space Station. There was no theme, no thought put into the displays….just item after item after item put out and turned on. You couldn’t see half of what was there because it was just so darn crowded.

        Could the City have cut him a bit more slack on the regulations? Most likely they could have, but I can bet you dollars to doughnuts that the first time someone got so much as a scratch because of all the stuff he had on City property, there would have been such a public outcry!! He wasn’t being asked to stop doing it. He was simply being asked to follow the same rules as every other citizen of Edmonton. He was the one who basically said that if the City wouldn’t let him do what he wanted, then he was taking it all down and wouldn’t put it up again. To quote a line from an old cartoon show…..”Real mature, Bradley!”

        • bucky larsen says:

          Sorry but that is BS. I drive by that house everyday and it is never THAT bad. Sure it attracts people, but it has never caused me to miss a light because there was a sea of bystanders about.

          • Carissa says:

            I disagree, I used to drive down 97th to get to work, I stopped because of the distraction that place created. It’s also right at the area that starts to get very congested during rush hour traffic so to have blinky bright lights in the corner of your eye while you’re trying to concentrate on the idiot drivers around you was not safe. It was very bright but I certainly wouldn’t say beautiful. It was just a mismatch of ornaments and lights. It was, however, nice of them to put the box out for Food Bank donations. Perhaps they should consider scaling it back so it looks a little classier, doesn’t encroach onto public property and doesn’t cost a fortune in electricity.
            As a side note, I thought he was granted some sort of a reprieve so he wasn’t paying an enormous electric bill – I recall something in the papers a few years ago about that.

        • Sheilasu says:

          I lived in that area, as well. I looked forward each year to the display and to see the delight on the faces of the children and their families who came to see Maisie’s house. When you talk about and electric drain, the only drain is on the wallet of the homeowner who tries to bring joy each year, in honor of Maisie.
          I have never had a problem with vehicle or pedestrian traffic in the area….I guess if you know how to drive, you realize that you have to “be on your toes” and aware of all that is going on around you.
          I wish all you “Negative Nelly’s” a very Merry Christmas, and hope that you realize Christ would not be happy with your comments.

          • Brenda Smith says:

            yay!!!! Good for you!!! If people can’t drive through heavily congested areas…They should NOT have a valid drivers licence at all…try driving downtown with all the construction at rush hour on the bad winter streets we had last…I would prefer to drive around Maisies ANY day over that crap…But I know how to drive and pay attention to everything around me at the same time…if you can’t then PARK IT!!!!!

      • Lacy says:


    • rob says:

      Karyn get a heart it’s about the kids not you and your inconvenience of parking or driving. you most be a fucking jahova. dont like it go some other way

    • disgusted says:

      Its people like him who make this a better place to live and people like you who make it the opposite!!

    • Caitlin says:

      I go to Candy Cane Lane every year but every year it’s less impressive and less to look at. Eventually that will be gone too. And where is all this supposed room for vehicles to park and for traffic flow on Candy Cane Lane? The street is very old and not wide it’s not actually able to accommodate the traffic that Candy Cane Lane brings and always results in a jam, I’m amazed there aren’t more accidents involving cars on cars and even cars and people.

      • Firefly says:

        True, Candy Cane lane is getting less impressive every year I go. There’s a place for worrying about distracting your neighbours and energy efficiency, and then there’s Christmas, where you let it all go and have some fun for a few weeks. I used to live near this house, & loved driving by it – it made me smile, & it was never a serious distraction (at least, no worse than those TV billboards you see around) or a nuisance. I know I’ll miss it.

    • Jude says:

      We GET it. You’re obnoxious, overbearing and a GRUMP. And you like to CAPITALIZE random words for no reason. OK…
      So this man isn’t a DECORATOR, but he’s generous and filled with the spirit of CHRISTMAS.
      He brings JOY to people. One man’s junk is another’s treasure and all that. You could have offered to HELP him out, since apparently you have taste. lol
      He’s a CHARACTER. People used to have some, apparently YOU don’t.
      I’ve driven through his neighbourhood many, many TIMES during many, many CHRISTMAS season and I’ve never witnesses the NIGHTMARE. A distraction? Look away…. HAZZARDOUS, hmm. Is it any worse than the unnecessary new INTERSECTIONS and nearly constant road work being done on 97th as we speak? Seriously, maybe you SHOULDN’T be driving.
      See how ANNOYING this whole capital BITCH thing is???

      • Nikki D says:

        I have been reading all of these comments. Yours, Jude, I by far relate to the most. This man brings an incredible, forgotten tradition to this ever modernized society. So what if there is no clearly identiabe pattern, there is a menagarie of Christmas spirit that has seemed t o have gone to the wayside in modern years I have never personally stopped at this house but have driven by it many times, and the lights and the people milling in the yard always make me smile. It is true that it makes that drive slower during the winter montth, but anyone who lives in Edmoton knows about it and if you are in that big of a hurry… taie a different way. This house is a sign of hope in a society that has become more and more unaccepting. It reminds me of the people calling bylaw on hallwoween decorations that are too scary… uggghhhh. Rant over.


        Jude, kudos

        • Joanne T says:

          Thank you for your remarks Jude. I for one will really miss the Maisie house. Its been something I look forward to every Christmas. Very sad and unfortunate that it will no longer be there. I didn’t realize so many people had a problem with it!!! Maybe these people need to slow down a bit and look at what’s really important in this world. I travel that way quite often and have never been bothered by its existance. Anyway, many thanks and Blessings to Jerry and his family, And to all of you on this discussion.

      • Dale says:

        Very Clever LOL.

    • Deb says:

      Wow are you for real. I have taken my kids there and friends and their kids and family who comes from out of town every year and they always want to go back and see it every year when they come back. It is like a tradition now since he has been setting it up. And to think he does it out of the kindness of his heart and only asks for HELP for the EDMONTON Food Bank and nothing in return for himself. Really how miserable people can be.

    • GDJ says:

      Nice. I wonder if you’re the kind of person to snitch on your neighbours if they park too close to the fire hydrants, complain if a dog barks 5 times too much, tell kids to stop making noise (because they’re kids) and basically sucking the life out of everybody around you.

      Personally I go past that house every day after dropping off my kids at Daycare. Once in a while I would take the long way just so my kids can look at the house when it was decorated, and they LOVED it.

      I’m sorry to see it go. I liked seeing it as I drove past it to get to work. It put a little joy in my daily commute.

    • Katrina says:

      Its such a disappointment to think that you would take someone’s hard work and dedication for making people happy and just stomp on it. Its seems that you might have your opinion, but that thing brought happiness to my kids, because when it was minus 20 we could walk around the whole house in a less then twenty minutes as opposed to the candy cane lane you talk of. I liked that house, and i looked forward to it, since the first christmas it appeared. That place got a lot of donations to the food bank, So did you think about that loss..hmm probably not. You were probably one of his neighbor across the street wh odid nothing butt bitch about the lights. You probably are one of those people who want to take away Merry Christmas and Christmas tree….i feel for your kids becasue if you are like this with a bunch of lights and decorations. (which by the way is not even your property) I can imagine what you are like at home..tsk tsk

    • JoEllyn says:

      I agree with you… It’s what I like to call “Christmas throw up” I haven’t lived in Edmonton long but I hated it the first time I saw it… I LOVE Christmas decorations and have already put up my own tree with my daughter today… But that was just a disaster of tacky crap and a tangled mess of lights… I’m not sad to see it go.

      Who cares what he spent on it…. Glad Edmonton is stepping up and stoping him from putting this crap on city property… I’m not against Christmas decorations and lights… But that was a mess and a hazard…

      • Kim says:

        You may think it is tacky, but it brought joy to lots of people especially during a time where many people struggle in coping with the holidays.

        • betty says:

          Do you say HAPPY HOLIDAYS, or MERRY CHRISTMAS???? We drive in from out of town to see the lights and do enjoy, we like most go one way at the speed limit and then turn around and go the other way. So sorry the CITY OF CHAMPIONS turns into the CITY OF SCROOGES over Christmas. But please find other ways to give to the FOOD BANK. This was enjoyed by so many. What a pity.

      • Lawreen says:

        I am surprised by the negative responses. Sure we could turn our city into pleasantville but that is not reality. It was for a good cause, I think the food donations outweight your discomford with him not having matching lights….perhaps? Or maybe you have enough food and you do not really have any compassion for those who do not. In regards to the small streets for candy cane lane, why not take the park and ride bus that the city provides. Alot of ppl are complaining about the power being used…hmmm what about your car when you are driving?
        Bottom line, if you don’t like it, maybe you should move to your own acreage, where you do not have to see anything that you find unattractive. The city could very well just set up a few restrictions and block traffic from going down there, ppl have to walk or take transit, no parking allowed etc….both parties have to compromise a little. Please stop being so negative, and rude. And maybe consider volunteering at a soup kitchen?

      • DMSawan says:

        A lot of people care…and it was not a mess or hazard. It did bring holiday spirit, and I would stop and try to see it every year, sometimes, even just a drive by to take a quick look see. Not only did he collect food for the food bank, he also collected clothes for the Diabetes Association, as that is what his mother…whom the house is called after…died of complications from. I do not understand how you can belittle his efforts. What have you done for your community? Who is going to take the place of this man in contributing to the Food Bank when this is the time that it is most needed? Are you going to step up and take his place in contributing to the Food Bank? As for themes, if you actually got out of the car and went in and took a look, there were themes all over, he had them all in little sections, and if you looked in the windows you could see the different little themes happening. I think all of those doing the complaining have never really taken a good look at what was out there, probably got stuck in a traffic jam, and they feel that gives them good reason to bitch…

    • K Fitterer says:

      I would expect nothing less of the idiots that run the city.Politicians are a joke and the biggest crooks ever.Why dont we as tax payers and really,their bosses…tell them to mind theyre own business and worry about bigger things….lime why are non caucasion able to tell us what we can and cant do or say? But thats a different deal all together,OR IS IT??? I think the city and country have become a complete joke.We worry more about what ‘they’ want instead of honouring our own traditions…..give your head a shake,grow a set and let the man give us our house….I have a picture of my family at this house and proudly display it every year…it has become tradion for us too walk,drink hot chocolate and enjoy the night together…now some idiot has taken that from us.Why dont they make public,the name(s) of the person or group responsible??? Cowards!!! Pretty soon we wont be able to put lights on our own houses.

      • jlp2000 says:

        AMEN TO THAT!! It is a giant joke and people are too ignorant to see that we are the butt of the joke. We’re all paying hard earned money for the idiotic decisions being made that in the end penalize us. Too busy getting wrapped up in the little things to see the big picture and the government loves that. Take away the little joys of life but keep all the headaches that make life miserable. For instance, it snowed last night, it’s coming down lightly down. Are the streets tended to? NO! Let everybody get in accidents, demolish your car, your insurance goes up, get injured or worse, run up medical bills (that we all pay for) but God forbid they clean the damn roads. Makes all the sense in the world. We are in Canada, right? We know it’s going to snow, right? Shouldn’t we be prepared to keep our citizens safe? Hell no, worry about some holiday lights and cigarette butts on the sidewalks. That matters after all. We should all dig our heads out of our butts and stand up. But that takes forethought and a spine. Something that is lacking here. Very sad indeed. Take your country back Canada before it’s too late!!

    • unknown says:

      seriously… u are the most miserable person out there… u must be one of those people who has no spirit what so ever!! and btw no one really cares what u think… so keep your crap to yourself… k thanks

    • charlene says:

      Karyn do you work for the government?You are a miserable bitch.I havent lived here long and have never had the chance to see the display.I think you should just keep your comments to urself cause you are a miserable person

    • ted says:

      heartless bitch!!!!!!

    • Craig says:

      Wow…..take the candy cane out of your ass. We’ve gone for the last 5 years……the kids loved it. For sure there were parking and traffic woes……but temporary. Enjoy the single life Karyn.

    • none ya business says:

      Dear karyn thank for ruining Christmas. Thee emd

    • Maria says:

      It’s because of miserable people like you that Edmonton has the reputation it does. We just can’t have anyone bring JOY to so many, that’s not right is it? Why don’t we just get rid of Christmas all together, That’s where were heading anyway, congrats

    • Christie says:

      I think your a cranky Scrooge it’s people like you that bring down the sprit of Christmas and the good nature of someone trying to provide something for others to enjoy from the kindness of there heart , which you don’t have. I have been to Candy Cane Lane and it is nothing impressive it’s the same thing every year and is over rated. My family and I looked forward to seeing the wonderful Christmas house this year and are sad to see it go will not be wasting my time or gas to go to candy cane lane and see the same light display as last year.

    • cory says:

      Wow. Karen you are a super bitch. I feel sorry for your neighbors.

    • Karyn's a grinch says:

      You should worry about your kitchen duties bitch, guaranteed your a divorced fat pig

    • Joose says:


      • Miranda Morin says:

        Wow, some people on this comment thread have a MAJOR temper. All of you should grow up and stop calling names. I don’t even agree with Karyn… But geez… Everyone has they’re own right to what they think, without being called a Bitch, Cunt, or any other degrading words. Hope you ALL get coal for Christmas this year!

    • Mel says:

      Karyn, I agree with you completely, forget all of the people who are commenting on this as though you’re ruining Christmas or something. While the purpose of the display (collect for the Food Bank, etc.) is a wonderful idea it HAS started to become more of an eye sore than anything else. And I agree that the neighbors likely don’t appreciate the gong show every year when it’s already difficult to maneuver and park in the snow. As for families coming from all over town to take photos? What the heck. As if you can’t take photos ANYWHERE where there are lights up – even at the Legislature grounds or the mall or…oh, I dunno, in front of one’s OWN home?

      If people needed this pile of lights SO BADLY so as to take a family photo or if it was they needed the light show to be motivated to give to the Food Bank, then there’s a bigger issue at hand.

      If he were to pare down the size of the display so it looked less messy and was inside his fence area, I really don’t think there’d be a problem, and I don’t think anyone would complain (city included). But Karyn’s not wrong folks, it was getting out of hand.

      • unknown says:

        maybe if Bob Dunford, with the city of Ddmonton, could do improve the snow removal, street cleaning crews so they do a proper job, rather than the half fast efforts we see too often. A good start would be to clean the streets right to the curb so we could use the streets we pay high tax dollars for Tend to the pot holes that cause damage to our vehicles, so we must bring them to be repaired and pay high prices for those repairs.
        Perhaps Karyn and others like Karyn were to put their efforts to things that would improve the city, there would be more compassion and perhaps we might all look out for each other instead of stabbing each other in the back.
        Apparently this was a lot of work for this man, who had to begin in August. Perhaps if the neighbors would have have pitched in to help, he wouldn’t have had to start so many months in advance. Wow, shocking to think you watched him for all those years and didn’t even help him.
        Lesson people – love thy neighbor and offer a helping hand when you see the need. You never know what people are going through in their own lives. That person you are complaining about is someone’s; son/daughter, brother/sister, husband/wife. That could be you one day too. Practice Pay if Forward.

        • Karen Dolynchuk says:

          YOUR comments are so heartwarming. Thank you so much. K DOLYNCHUK

        • jlp2000 says:

          BRAVO TO THIS STATEMENT!! People have lost their sense of community and the ability to see the big picture. Too busy nit- picking on all these little things to see what really matters! Thank goodness for you and the fact that you have a mind and a soul. Sad to see what humanity has come to.

      • Brenda Smith says:

        They don’t go to take pictures..they go to see and feel the spirit of Christmas..of giving and sharing joy with others…Nobody complains about the hundreds of cars that stop along the other side of 97st every fall to “take pictures on the side of the road” of trees…geez with your mentality..couldn’t they just go into their own back yards instead of creating a hazard on the side f the road..a distraction if you please… I’m sure if the right person is looking for it …they can find fault in EVERYTHING in this world which makes me wonder why they hang out in the civilized world and nt move to some remote place where other people and things will not distract them…can you say..OOOOshiny!!!!!

    • Joy says:

      Wow, you are a horrible, rotten grouch Karyn

    • Kerry says:

      Who cares what neighbours thought about the street parking??? Its a public god damned street…every one of those houses jas a driveway…garage…whatever to park in…I feel so bad for those who had to dribe in an alley to get to their driveway instead of being the one who had to clog a street. for organization and consistency? Who gives a rats ass? When you are a kid you don’t give a shit about things like that and when you are a parent you only care that your kid is having a good time….BAH HIMBUG TO YOU SCROOOGES

    • Jeff says:

      Well there are other houses in Edmonton that put up lots of light display including mine! I do over 10,000 light and add each year, and also collect food for the food bank, now maybe some other houses can get some recognition for there hard work and love for Christmas!

    • Kathryn's Neighbor says:

      Kathryn sounds like an uptight scrooge who doesn’t have any christmas spirtit left. Close your blinds at night if the lights are bugging you. Park in your driveway – I bet you don’t have enough vistors with your attitude to warrant them to even want to use any street parking.

      Go back to your rock, and die.

    • anonymous says:

      Karyn, next time do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. I feel sorry for anyone that knows you

    • Lacy says:

      Sigh….you are kinda ridiculous!

    • Debby says:

      You are so right. But the City has let it go for so long …Why haven’t they brought this issue to the forefront when he started this years ago. Oh well I guess the City does make a valid issue and really if he cleaned it up and created a THEME with new stuff then it would be very nice. Furthermore, the insurance issue should be something he needs to be concerned with for his protection and the public. Really what he has put out every year is just a mumble jumble of STUFF that is very cluttered together.

    • Karen Dolynchuk says:

      How arrragaint

      • jlp2000 says:

        And here again Karyn – arragaint is not a word in the English language. Instead of spending you time pissing on everything you could spend some time learning how to spell. Save your comments until you are a valid voice. Right now you look like an angry second grade child throwing a tantrum with no intelligence involved. Did you manage to graduate spelling the way you do? Perhaps you should start a campaign about the poor quality of the school system.

    • Karen Dolynchuk says:

      I am so sorry how YOU had a hadred for the christmas house. So many loved it!!!! YOur words were very cruel to someome that spent so much time to create it..

    • Ed Stromberg says:

      You suck How many lights did you put u gringe

    • Brenda Smith says:

      The just of the matter is…this man shared his love and joy of Christmas with many many others without asking anything in return other than donations to help others…THAT my friends is the true meaning of Christmas…the fact that every light did not match in your eyes is not a problem…I’m sure not many have a degree in decorating…it was out of the goodness of his heart that he did this….to watch the magical smiles of young and old as they walked through it. I do every year and the faces of people say it all….I see none of them complaining only smiles and laughter…I think the city should be stepping up and helping…in every way…and I am sure the hungry people that the food bank feeds will be a little hungrier this year…and I might add that there was nothing sub standard about the decorations there if you would actually walk through and look….they are definitely better than those plain ugly plywood snowman that each yard has on Candycane Lane…(somewhere I avoid)

    • jlp2000 says:

      Wow Karyn – Bah Humbug!! There is a reason why people are pulled over and looking at it. Because they enjoy it….right? Have you ever noticed all the families and children standing there in the cold to see the house, the look on their faces. How the kids love it, and look just so excited and filled with happiness. Grown-ups can leave the headache of paying bills and meeting deadlines behind for a minute and return to a simpler time. A time of wonder and magic. The magic that is Christmas, the holiday season. Yes, we must do away with that, right away! Awful thing that it is. It must be making you utterly miserable.
      I hear your concern about the hazard, please stop and think about this for a moment. We live in Canada, We know that it’s going to snow every winter. We also know that the snow is going to be removed and the roads are going to need to be cleaned to keep the multitudes of people on the roads safe and sound. Why is it then that every winter, with every snow, clean up is nonexistent? Why is it that clean up is put off until well after it stops snowing? side streets never get plowed, there is never any sand or salt put down? Why is it that my street is impassible by late December. The ice build up will rip out the undercarriage of my car, the tire ruts are so deep? Why is it that last winter there was a 100 car accident that destroyed many peoples’ cars, upset their families and sent untold numbers of people to area hospitals? So bad in fact that they set up mobile emergency units to treat people. Why is it that it is not in the budget to keep people safe on the roads, we know the snow is coming. It is in the budget to give shop owners $750 to remove graffiti from the downtown building to keep the city ‘beautiful’ though. Is that where the priorities are? Keep it beautiful but not safe? Makes so much sense to me.
      Honestly, you along with this city, need to get your priorities straight. It’s very sad to see such selfish, ignorance spewed out of the mouths of people who think they have the answers. Cars parked on the side of the road is not an issue. Honestly, Go after a real problem. Take a stand on an issue that makes sense. You don’t have to squash joy in order to make things better. Think about it.

    • lindsay says:

      It was heart. He may not have had all kinds of beautiful new decorations or your idea of rhyme to his madness but he has heart he has spirit and he knows how to keep the magical beauty in Christmas which has long been forgotten by many who have fallen way by department store franchises who put a different idea of holidays in ones head is it to much for a city our size to take notice that many are crying out for the unique set ups such as his house I mean for heavan sakes Candy Cane lane has become dull and dried up people have become ole grumps toy stores are disappearing it’s not just about his unenergy effective house its about a communities lack of moral standards and for many it represents passion and commitment and that slight few minutes of happiness when my mother passed his house at Christmas gave me her back for a few minutes each night as I was reminded of the beauty she had put into her life and there should be more displays this courageous in our city.Bring frumpy people to life for a change

  3. maryann cain says:

    City should be ashamed!!!!!!

  4. Maurice says:

    Actually, it is more likely he is no longer able to afford it.
    Earlier this year their Home Hardware store at 149 St north of 11 avenue shut down , due to bankruptcy

  5. P vincent says:

    Absolutely typical of this city ! Can’t just let a good thing be. How disappointing to live here. Been here all my life and can’t wait to move. This man works so many long hours to build this every year, with his own funds, and that is his thanks from the city. I don’t even invite my American friends to visit here as there is absolutely nothing to do or see in this city.

    • Debby says:

      But the stuff is very dated and unkept and frankly safety for the public and him should be a concern. If you visited the house and something fell on you or on little ones I am sure you would be singing a different song.

  6. Greg Jarvis says:

    How disappointing ! Leave it to the city of Edmonton to continuously shut down facilities that help the unfortunate ones , let alone shut down one of the most notorious Christmas houses in north America !!!!!

    Well done council well done , oh whats that taxes are going up and your taking another raise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. karen says:

    Leave it to government to ruin a good thing. This is a person trying to do something he enjoys and help others but yet the City wants to get their fingers in there. I understand safety but if it’s contained on his own property, whats the problem. I’m one who has seen this display and if it brings simple, FREE joy to those passing by, let it alone. For a season that has become so commercialized and stressful, let the decor ‘brighten’ peoples day.

    • gerard says:

      give me a break sheeple!! The city of Edmonton does not give a crap about SAFETY!!!!!! If they did they would not be risking all our safety with there over indulgent illegal PHOTO RADAR cameras and roving (park wherever you want) radar vans, trucks, cars etc!! Its all about greedy, corrupt crooked criminals that hold the seats of power and rule arbitrarily with deaf ears, deepass pockets and an iron fisted dictatorial govt style mob type regime! Thank you city council for ruining Christmas this year! Maybe now you can take some of that illegal photo radar money and put up some decent lights cause you sure as hell don’t have any here in good old greedy ass Edmonton! Shame on you crooks!

  8. Joan says:

    I will really miss this Christmas display. I drive by it every day going to and from work. Too bad the city couldn’t be as concerned about things that don’t bring so much pleasure.
    I made sure to bring people on an exchange program from South America to see this display. They loved it and thought we were so lucky to have something like this in our city.Thank you for all the years of enjoyment you have given us.

  9. Lisa says:

    We need to help here Edmontonian’s.. Where, what or how do I help this be stopped?

  10. threenorns says:

    and that’s why everybody hates edmonton and moves to calgary.

  11. Bryanna Johnson says:

    Thats horrible. Its not only for a good cause but allow people to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.
    Was hoping to see it this year. Had people looking forward to it.

  12. Alex says:

    I’m disgusted at the city of Edmonton!!! So glutinous for money that u have now ruined my Christmas tradition for my soon to be 5 year old daughter!!! Who is going to explain to her why her favourite part of Christmas will no longer happen? I’ve been an edmontonian for 26 years my whole entire life and that house was the highlight of my year!!! And now the less fortunate don’t get as much during the holidays and all for what???

    • Heidi says:

      My 5 year old has already started asking where the Christmas house is since we pass it often. She is heartbroken that our Christmas tradition of going there then for a hot chocolate is over. I know rules are rules, but maybe they could have worked with him to compromise.

  13. Tina says:

    This is absolute bullshit! Our children now have to grow up with little to no christmas lights, and no Christmas Spirit. The overbearing muslim community has destroyed christmas in the public including schools and city buses. Happy holidays is bull, I will continue with Merry Christmas. Now this? This house was the last bit of Christmas spirit left in the city. What a shame Edmonton.

    • charlene says:

      Tina leave other religions out of this it has nothing to do with it.Keep ur racism to urself

    • Dee says:

      Wow! I didn’t know the mayor and city council were all Muslims!!! Most of them sure don’t look it!! How about you actually get the facts before you start spewing your racist bile!! By the way, I refuse to stop saying Merry Christmas too, but I certainly don’t blame any one race or religion for the change to Happy Holidays – it is a way for the retail industry and the media to include non-Christians in the Christmas season, hype, and most especially the seasonal consumerism!

      • Nikki D says:

        I have to agree with you. I am somewhat appalled at the fact that we have come down to racist name calling. Jewish people who celebrate Hanukkah are not treated with this hatred and contempt. Generally I am proud to be a Canadian, because we are known as accepting and tolerant; but more and more lately I am disappointed in my fellow “Canadians”

    • P vincent says:


  14. Laura says:

    This is pathetic! That house was a special part of Christmas!! Something to look forward to and something my kids will never get to see! Way to go city of edmonton!!!

  15. Kym says:

    Wow. Just wow! Candy cane lane has become so pathetic that I don’t take my children there anymore, and now this beautiful display is gone too.

    I was born and raised in Edmonton, and it used to be amazing! Now thanks to this so called bs, there is one more reason to dispise this city. Poor sad souls that lose parking, or have to deal with lights blinking. Don’t see your happy nappy backsides doing one thing to help the less fortunate. Oh wait!! Complaining is what you do best. It’s.

  16. Unfortunate - but nothing to be done says:

    This breaks my heart that this would happen. To Karyn, you are clearly “that neighbour” no one wants to have. Its not what is put out, but its the heart behind it! Who cares what is old or new…..people would come out and bring donations to the city’s less fortunate. Maybe the city can donate what is not collected this year for the food bank. Seems fair to me!

  17. Rayne says:

    It was such a lovely display for people to stop and enjoy and yet again someone nasty complainer has ruined it for everyone. I suspect it’s a small few such as “Karyn” above and their negative attitude towards christmas that has caused such a wonderful display to be taken down. tsk tsk Edmonton. I hope you’re happy for ruining a short outing families would take together to share in the christmas spirit, a nice walk with the kiddies and a hot chocolate. For shame!

  18. Lisa says:

    Really guys! Lets not add fuel to the fire. Who cares! The spirit of christmas will always be there as long as we all continue to love one another, not be cynical towards each other. This is FIRST WORLD problems really. It was nice to see that all that effort was made to make our christmas’ that much brighter, so lets keep those good memories.
    And wow what is with all the hostility with all the other religions? Thats my concern. I think raising our children to except one another is more important than a holiday that really has nothing to do with how beautiful you can dress your yard!
    Christmas is not ruined due to this house not being continued…lets see it as we saved a bit of our beautiful land that hasn’t been destroyed out west to fuel the electricity for those lights. (want something to bitch about, take a drive to Genesee power plant and keep hills,…look at that mess).

    Don’t let this be the reason to be angry. “Be the Change you Wish to see in the World”

    • Joy says:

      Lisa, you seem to contradict yourself…..your first sentence says ‘Who cares?’ Then your last sentence says oh let’s see….’be the change you want to see…’ Oh okay….right. So you want to be the change no one cares about?? You’re well on your way!

  19. Angie says:

    That so sucks! I just want to say that everyone can’t make it down to candy cane lane. I personally hit candy cane lane once in 15 years being here and it was a traffic jam nightmare and a total sh*t show! Some people get depressed over the holidays myself included but seeing that house every Christmas season makes me smile huge! Shame on the city!

  20. Michelle says:

    The city of Edmonton is so screwed up!!! And so is OHS -safety my ass!!!!!

  21. Heath says:

    I was born and raised in Edmonton, for more than half of that time I lived somewhat close to that area. My parent’s still do. I drove by there a lot, even last year going to my parent’s for Christmas. Yes traffic was backed up, Yes people were parking on the shoulder of 97St, No traffic wasn’t that bad, rush hour is far worse.

    As to the bit about the insurance requirements.. I could see the city strongly suggesting it to cover his and their butts should anything occur (somebody slips/trips/etc and gets hurt). We all would like to think nobody would sue should such a thing happen, but it does).

    Yes, from the street at 70km/h it looks like a mish-mash of lights, but if you slow down it looks pretty good (I’ve never actually stopped and walked through)

    I remember when they used to do another holiday as well, I want to think Halloween… but I could be wrong. That house was the North side’s version of Candy Cane lane.. all in one yard.

  22. Wowser says:

    Wow, just wow. I think the Christmas lights on 144 avenue and 97 street were a great part of Edmonton Traditional Christmas Celebrations. Its really bad when the City of Edmonton gets annoyed with Maisies Christmas display, yet have the gall to encourage their Christmas Bus Tour to go past the display when they sell tickets for the Christmas Light Bus Tour, guess it just another part of the city of Edmonton not communicating with each other. And Karen….you should be happy as there is now a For Sale Sign on thus said house. Its too bad, Maisies House was beautiful and this family appreciated your effort each and every year.

  23. Lawrence says:

    Perhaps letters should be written to our New Mayor and Council? I too have made it a Christmas tradition, along with Candy Cane Lane, and what use to be called Bright Nights, sometimes with family and friends sometimes with the love of my life. It was a chance to re-ignite the spirit of Christmas in it’s truest sense, the spirit of giving, the spirit of fellowship. Like bright lights another candle has burnt out, it is very sad. To Karyn I wish you all the joy, love and happiness my heart can muster as your words would depict that you are clearly in need of some. To Jerry Dolynchuk thank you for years of joy you have provided for my family and me, I am a man of meager means, but if there is anyway I can lend a hand, please please do not hesitate to call.

  24. Kim says:

    I’m with Lisa! Instead of voicing our unhappiness on here write a letter to the city councillors! Bombard them with letters! Tell them how many years you and your families have been enjoying the magical display and what it means to Edmontonians. Our voices (put in writing) is what will make the difference. Come on Edmonton, this guy gave you years of enjoyment from the goodness of his heart…the least you can do is write a quick letter to the city voicing your opinion…especially those that took the time to write a response on here (with the excepting of Karyn – she should crawl back in her hole of misery). Save Christmas house! And if not… well…maybe write a letter to Jerry Dolynchuk to express your gratitude so he doesn’t have such a bad taste in his mouth :) Cheers!

    • jennifer says:

      Did you know that Mr. Dolynchuk is on record through the media saying that he does NOT have to follow the rules – yes, a couple of years ago. Check up on that one!
      The City of Edmonton takes a long time to form a policy and when it is being totally ignored, is that good citizenship, and is that what you want to teach your children? Yes, it’s pretty but it’s dangerous – in many ways.
      We have enough in the city to use our taxes on, are you willing to put out more so that one (ONE) man can have a safe yard for those that live in the north end to see? I’d say that’s not real proper use of your tax dollars or mine. Check out the facts on the man before you harshly judge the city.

  25. Sonny says:

    I have grown up and lived in this city for 50 years, and this is a big loss to the city. Its a shame how someone that wants to do good and really cares about others gets hammered by people that have no life. Karyn you must have no face to even look at in the mirror as you have no life meaning people like you are not even real, your made up bullshit, you despise even yourself you must just hate yourself because deep down inside you yourself knows your a BITCH!! you are a miserable person with obviously no life. And to the people who have made this hard for this man that had something real special to give to the city, eat shit your all a bunch of fnnnnn LOSERS!!!! and Karyn you lead the pack!

  26. Karen says:

    I cannot believe it! I agree with almost all the comments. Candy Cane Lane SUCKS lately!!! This house was amazing! We drove an for almost an hour to come and see this house! My kids have enjoyed this house for many Christmases. @ Karyn….it was not a “pile of stuff” It was amazing and the happiness and joy that it brought to so many was wonderful! I have many pictures of my family around this house! It is there to make memories….and that is what we should cherish! This house not only brought joy to so many but did so much for the food bank and less fortunate… the city going to make that up as well…..You can bet on that that it wont happen. BOO on the City for taking this away!

  27. Leslie says:

    I live by this house and have seen it evolve through the years. It is a tad tacky but when all lit up at night quite spectacular and draws a lot of people making it a happy place, and anything that supports a charitable cause I’m all for. Mr. Dolynchuck appears to have a rather large yard and if he scaled back could probably continue to do his display without infringing on the city property or breaking any rules. Surely there is a compromise, room for a little negotiation. In the eyes of children this truly is a magical place. Christmas as demonstrated by its namesake should be season of love and peace. All the comments above with and bitterness and foul language is just as sad as losing Maisies Christmas House. God bless you Mr. Dolynchuck for all the years of joy you have brought to Edmontonians.

  28. Lucille says:

    Shame on the city of Edmonton!!
    The Christmas House has become a cherished part of many families Christmas traditions over the years. Jerry put his heart and soul into making the holidays magical for so many, by creating what I prefer to call beautiful displays of Christmas past and present, ( as opposed to Karyns’ description of old and new). Christmas is about the children, families and holiday spirit. How sad that all of this has come to an end for the many grateful visitors and lets not forget the huge amount of donations that were given for the food bank.
    To Karyn, if you did go to the Christmas House you obviously did not take the time to really look and appreciate all the different scenes and themes. Of course there were allot of “things”. This is what made it unique and fun for all ages.
    As far as the parking complaint goes, should they cut down all the trees on 97 St. as well because so many people stop and park to take beautiful fall pictures. OF COURSE NOT!!! You say that it was nice but had it’s run….wouldn’t that stand as well for Candy Cane Lane? Oh, and lets not forget about downtown Edmonton leaving the Christmas street lights on every night 7 days a week until APRIL, and the Legislature Christmas Lights. Where does it end. This is all done for the people of Edmonton, whether its the city (tax payers) footing the bill or a single person out of his own pocket it benefits everyone. I live in the area and have never considered it a problem.

    • Richard says:

      Well said Lucille.

      I do find those that park on the side of the road in 97 st more of a pain that this amazing house and the spirit within.

      Candy Cane Lane is going down hill true, but do wish it stays as well.

      On city property, what about the festivity in Hawrlak Park ? Is this not on city property, why can’t the city do the right for a change. Work together with the man, come up with a solution don’t just cause a problem.

      OH&S think outside the box, there are ways to improve the safety here but you just want to put in the time. It’s it your job to recommend improvements for the greater good, not just complain and be a lazy ass, do your job or quit. Then you wonder why people in general hate and disrespect safety advisors so much.

      This is for all of the supports of Karyn, i challenge, hell dare you to come up with an idea to raise as much for the food bank as this fine gentleman and his family has done every year.

      Some people just don’t get it, that is not new. Now be a part of the solution, or at least try to.

  29. Angelique says:

    I will miss seeing this display…we drive in from Sherwood Park every year to see it…we loved seeing the old and the new items.

    Sad how easy it is to pick on the little guy when their are bigger fish to fry…

    Well thank-you for the years you were able to do this and raise money for the less fortunate.

    Let us know if you are selling any of your treasured decorations so that we can help you to get some of your hard earned money back.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your decor will live on in our photos and memories for a lifetime!

  30. kathy says:

    Karyn id say bite me but rabie shots weren’t available this week. Wow must be a blast living next door to you, you are one miserable old hag. Halloween must have been a cinch, you and your eco friendly broom

  31. Carolyn says:

    Very sad City of Edmonton, you should be ashamed. This city has destroyed everything good so far why quit now… You have disappointed many many children this year I’m sure. And the food bank will also take a huge hit, there was huge amounts donated here…

    • jennifer says:

      Better a house that has fewer decorations up than no houses left in the neighbourhood. Mr. Dolynchuk continues to flaunt the fact that he “doesn’t have to follow the rules”. There are gas lines and fibre optic lines right where he continues to pound in the stakes. What would you say when it hits one of those?

      • LadderCrewman says:

        Just how bloody big do you figure those stakes are? Hes not using an auger to sink fence posts. I like how you keep trolling peoples comments ranting about his statements to the media claiming that he is above the law of the land, ( the media I might add, whom we all know love to edit things to suit themselves because sensational headlines sells more papers!!!) You some kind of relation of Karyn’s??? You and she appear to be cut of the same cloth….BURLAP! Now why don’t you do something productive and go out and donate a portion of the next 2 months of your pay to make up for a slim modicum of what this man’s efforts provided in donations to the food bank. Overbearing people the likes of Karyn and yourself are the beginnings of what is wrong with this country, the pair of you are nothing more than pontificating, sanctimonious mingers! Now away with you….hop on your broomsticks and bugger off!

  32. C Mac says:

    Not quite sure what this has to do with muslims, but…I do support the food bank :)

  33. Penny says:

    I saw this house for the first time with my kids last year. Ages 1, 2 and 4 and they LOVED it. It was magical and fun. I am sad that it will not be there for them to see this year.

    To Karyn, seriously do you hate Christmas that much? You must be that person who goes up to little kids and tells them there is no Santa! The fact that there was so much traffic/parking issues must be because people hated it… oh wait, if they hated it they would not have gone to see it! I believe there was a theme… it’s called CHRISTMAS! It was not a bunch of stuff, it was a lot of different Christmas decorations. I am so sorry that you are so bitter that you feel the need to express it so much to others. You must also be offended if someone was to wish you a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy Holidays”! So to you I will say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

    To the City of Edmonton, thank you for ruining Christmas for the people who celebrate it. I assume you are going to completely ban the use of outdoor decorations for all of us soon, claiming it to be too distracting for drivers. Sad, very sad.

    • jennifer says:

      What would you say when the whole neighbourhood goes up in one big boom because Mr. has chosen to pound in a stake right through the gas line? Or all your computers go down because he has pounded a stake into the fibre optic line along his house? What then? Maybe Mr. Dolynchuk should follow the rules – they are usually there for safety reasons, not just to shut down someone’s tribute to their mother.

      • LadderCrewman says:

        There you go again Jennifer with your claimant that the man is going to strike a gas main….you are truly focused the wrong way aren’t you, if it was a hazard do you not think the Fire Service and Atco Gas would have NOT stepped in, rather than having your Chicken Little impression going about defaming a man’s character as well as attempting to terrorize the majority of his neighbors with your unfounded claims and rants? By chance are you one of these conspiracy theorists? Are aliens going to be drawn to the beckoning twinkle of his lights and start taking people aboard their spacecraft and probing them en masse? Seriously, get a life, get informed and get real….I am pretty sure we know what your agenda is, now go hug a tree, or tell a small child Santa doesn’t exist and that the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny aren’t real, while you are at it why not see if you can find a puppy to kick, you hateful beast of a person!

        • Aubrey says:

          This crap about hitting lines is ridiculous! We put in our play structure this summer with10 inch stakes, had them come out and drawout our lines, they’re THREE FEET DOWN. Why are you only concerned with him putting in staples , there’s a whole city of people putting stakes in the ground for decorations, would you like the city to ban decorations all together for your unfounded argument?

          • Loretta says:

            he agreed to put above ground lights and slays where there were the fibre optic cables. which were the lines that the city was complaining about.

  34. PY says:

    I just knew that some racist person would use the opportunity to sling some arrows at the Muslim community. How Christian! How Christmassy! Shame on you, Tina and you, Karyn. A child learns intolerance, hatred, and racism at his mother’s knee, so I hold no hope of yours growing up with tolerance, kindness and understanding. With mothers like you, the world has no hope of becoming a better place.

  35. anonymous says:

    Just another way for Christmas to go away. How long til the city says no more Christmas too. What a joke! And as far as that lady who commented about traffic jams and bright lights, are you kidding me WOW . Must be some idiot who doesnt like Christmas and all the great things that come along with it during that season. Hey lady LIGHTEN UP or SHUT UP!

  36. Jen says:

    What a shame!! I’m sure I can think of many things that should be shut down before a wonderful Christmas display that most people actually enjoy! Soooo tired of all the rules and laws that continue to take the fun out of life and the people that fight for them! I actually feel the worst for our children who get to grow up in these changed times!

  37. Tracy says:

    what a shame. when I was young I went to Candy Cane lane its was bright and full of spirit. I brought my kids there and it was nothing like it use to be. my kids enjoyed seeing this 1 house fully lit with displays over CandyCane Lane. I think it even lifted and warmed those hearts who find them selves struggling at this time of year. The City council of Edmonton your the “Scrooge” you did it to candy cane lane and now your doing it to Maisie’s Magical Christmas House. Edmonton Council Your not the City of Champions. .or is it you need the money to pay for the new arena and forget the less fortunate. I think there should be a vote on this and not dictate to us what we can and cant do. Maisie’s Magical Christmas House please keep doing what your doing. Set up a petition and donation you would have the people of edmonton behind you helping with insurance and legalitys…”YOUR THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT”

  38. Kristin says:

    When I first moved to Edmonton from Ontario almost 9 years ago, that house was one of the first bright spots in my life that reminded me of home. My husband and I went every year. I am very sad to see this go and very disappointed in the city of Edmonton. If it weren’t for my husbands job keeping us here, we’d leave.

    • jennifer says:

      Is your reason for living in Edmonton truly one house at Christmas time? Now that’s a sad life!

      • LadderCrewman says:

        Not as sad as that of an internet troll who’s only joy in life is mocking and belittling others you sad, daft hag!

        • joeblow says:

          As you, yourself, mock and belittle others: “…you sad, daft hag”. You are doing the exact same thing you claim to dislike – hypocrite!

  39. Leanna says:

    what can we do to complain, and fix this? I turned into my home at the corner where the house is. I always slowed right down because I knew children may be around the house.

    The city can put up some hazard signs, warning signs etc etc. If anyone knows the best city contact. please spread the information.

  40. Michelle says:

    Truly unfortunate. Something else that’s unfortunate: people shitting on the city they live in. I love this incredible city (I’ve lived in Toronto and Calgary as well). I’m sure the City woke up one day and thought “let’s ruin Christmas!” Get a grip. Don’t like the city, move. Don’t agree with the city, take a more constructive approach and write to the City. I’ll assume you’ll jump all over me as you did Karyn because I share a different opinion. All in all, I hope this house ends up staying, while abiding by bylaws and safety regulations. Exceptions for laws shouldn’t be made.

  41. tracy says:

    for all of you that have a negative thing to say, I really hope it is you next in line at the food bank when they say “|I am sorry but we have run out” since the price to visit the display was a donation to the food bank be it food or money, that will be sorely missed by the food bank organizers! I am sorry to see this go! as I have never seen it- it started after we moved, I know we enjoyed candy cane lane and I understand the city managed to get rid of that too!

  42. kerri says:

    This house became a holiday tradition and myself and my children are so disappointed!!
    When our visitors from England come they look forward to coming too! So sad!



  44. North slider says:

    Noone will say the real word but I will. Karyn is a cunt. Her and the city should waste their time on many other important problems in the city like murder, drugs, cops killing people by use of “approved force” and the homeless. I’ve lived here 26 years and went to the house since my first Christmas. Sad times

  45. Carolyn says:

    Karyn–Why be such a miserable old hag–If you have nothing to say –Then say nothing at all-People like you ruin things for other people–I hope you do not have children because if you do they will never learn anything from you–You are nothing for a Parent–Shut up your yap–This is always something Beautiful–You complainers belong in your own community and should not live in ours–Go live in the woods someplace–Probably live on Welfare or something anyway–Leave it alone–This man try’s to do something nice for everyone and make people happy–Who cares if he went Bankrupt–I don’t- Good Luck to him in the future–What he does brings us all Joy at Christmas and some B—-h Like you trys to take it away–Move away or stay away–Who the hell cares

  46. Holly says:

    Truly sad. A bit of bright cheer is now gone. It’s too bad the city could have come to some kind of agreement to help keep this tradition going. Many families have enjoyed this cheerful display over the years and it was so sad to see them sold in a garage sale fashion. Many thanks to Mr Dolynchuk for taking the effort to spread Christmas cheer to all and hopefully more people will learn to appreciate the spirit of Christmas. There will always be those who are never happy with anything and feel the need to bitch and moan about anything that disrupts their perfect little world. Dont be upset about their ignorance is falling prey to their anger, they’re not worth it. Instead, grab your lights, trees and do whatever you can to keep the spirit going in your own home.

  47. jennifer says:

    If Mr. Dolynchuk would not pound stakes into the city property where there are gas and utility lines that just could make not only Maisie’s house obsolete but the whole neighbourhood, there might not be such an issue! It doesn’t take much to get permission and to comply with the rules. Mr. Dolynchuk has decided that he is above the rules and regulations that make his neighbourhood safe. He is on record – yes in the media – as saying he doesn’t need to follow the rules – now how’s that for a “good neighbour”?

    • LadderCrewman says:

      Here you go again with your rant about striking gas lines and fiber optic lines….are you on some kind of drug or something? All a person has to do is get a bloody locator to check to see the placement of the lines, do you NOT THINK that this wasn’t done prior to your claims to the contrary? All of the services in the older sections of Edmonton run up the back alley with the exception of the water mains, guess what, THAT area is an OLDER SECTION OF EDMONTON! Good God Karyn might be a cold hearted bloodless cow of a thing, but you are an unrelenting, fear mongering blather-skyte! By the way, how does it feel to have someone harp on YOU the way you have been harping on THEM for supporting a decent individual who’s only crime was to try and make Christmas a little more Christmassy by not bowing to the modern PC themed abomination they are turning a Christian holiday into and disenfranchising those of us who refuse to succumb to the rhetoric of having our traditions stripped from us in our own country! Bet you squawk about the Veterans too dontcha!

  48. Cactus says:

    The House spoke for itself..Yes it could get busy with traffic,,,, but really, anything that is popular has a line up… I will certainly Miss walking and driving by that Beautiful Home… I want to take the time to say Thanks to the Man that took the time to share his Home of Christmas lights for the years past…It will be missed…

  49. Patrick says:

    Our family even chartered our own “Christmas Bus” every year and this house was the finale of our night. It will be sorely missed…our family loved it!

  50. Starfish says:

    Do you people not realize that you are all BULLIES??? I finally just stopped reading the comments because no matter wat Karens opinion is does not give any of you ADULTS the right to be calling someone a bitch or miserable. Comment after comment, she is being degraded…..her opinion is her opinion but a bigger person would not engage in schoolyard bullying such as this. Many of you are prolly parents who talk to your kids about bulying so i suggest you eat your words.

  51. Tammy says:

    As always… You SUCK City of Edmonfu#&! And to anyone else who complained(s)… Feel free to move away! Far away! Go live in a non-Christmas celebrating, non-God Fearing country! See how much better it is there than in Canada!

  52. ceebs says:

    The whole decorating thing aside – maybe everyone should take a few minutes and read through all the posts and see the level of nastiness, bullying, and such that was triggered by the article and the first comment. Everyone may not agree with Karyn and her comments but I find the language and many of the messages much worse than hers. Many mention the spirit of Christmas but the majority of the comments do not come close to representing that spirit. Many of you attack her parenting skills (if she is a parent) but how many of you would take your comments and read them to your own children? In schools we tackle cyberbullying every year but how can we teach our children not to bully via the internet if the adults in our world do not follow those same guidelines. You can be disappointed, angry, even bitter towards someone and their comments – but you do not have to call them derogatory names, etc., Rather than spout off on-line – write to the city departments, newspapers, etc., and put your voice across in a positive way. Perhaps if all of you did this, then something would be changed and in a positive way. Just my thoughts.

  53. Tanya says:

    Karen I hope God will reward you for your misery!You sound like one of those unhappy people that find their happiness by hurting other and seeing others in pain!!You are an awful person!

  54. Cody Lang says:

    While conversation is great, let’s be respectful to everyone involved. Just because someone has a different or unpopular opinion doesn’t mean they should be called names. Let’s keep it civil people and productive as well. We can use our energies towards something good rather than spreading negativity. Maybe, I should start a petition on here and protest the issue at City Hall. You never know what could happen right?

    • dianne says:

      Absolutely Cody……YOU are on the right track. I do agree with everyone who is upset at losing this important piece Christmas!! I do think all of us who feel this strongly should be down the throats of City Hall and show them that we are tired of being told what can and cannot be done. There are ways to handle issues diplomatically however they often have the attitude that they are in charge. It is we the people who own this City. Public servants are just that….public servants. We pay their wages. If Edmontonians want the house to stay it should stay.

  55. Jerry says:

    The Home Hardware business did not go bankrupt. The business was closed due to the land and buildings were sold for 3 time as much as it was purchased for 8 years ago. I should know I was the owner. My grandmother has a good saying. Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see. People talk stupid because they are stupid.

  56. Unknown says:

    While it is a shame that the house is no longer – all the decorations from that house were paid for by his former store. His store went under this year around the same time he blamed the city for no longer having the display this year. Yes he did collect FOOD donations from the food bank but every $$ that was donated at his Christmas House was deposited into the stores bank accounts & no cheque was ever written to the food bank or any other charity.

    • LadderCrewman says:

      Oh its a good thing you didn’t sign your name to that comment because there could be a whole lot of backlash as a result of your defaming claims about this man, his business and his actions. My aren’t you a bold soul to hide behind a keyboard and spout your opinions at the fate of another’s reputation. Kudos…must be a relation of Karyn and Jennifer’s no doubt! Spineless!

      • dianne says:

        Let us not forget that it is easy to locate where that email originated and I would caution anyone making such accusations to remember they may be called on it. You better have some good proof of what you say!!!! Defamation is a punishable offence.

  57. North Edmontonian says:

    I’m so incredibly sad to see the Christmas house go. I moved to Edmonton approximately 7 years ago and have always lived in the north end close to that area. Christmas is my favorite time of year and this house added a spring to my step every morning as I passed it on my way to university and work. It’s a shame it will no longer be around to bring joy to the Edmontonians and the Food Bank. I can understand how it may cross some lines with the city of Edmonton; however, I’m sure there is a way to figure out how we can ensure the decor stays and that no city laws are violated in the process. I wonder who the point of contact would be to try and come up with the solution. I hope and pray the owner is doing well. He deserves nothing but the best after giving the city and the food bank so much of his time and efforts.

    As for the comments that were previously made about Muslims, I am a Muslim. I love Christmas. I actually just set up my Christmas tree today. Frankly, I say Merry Christmas myself. Because I am not Christian, the holiday doesn’t hold religious significance for me; however, you don’t have to be a specific religion to understand the value of family. For me, Christmas is a time to understand the values your relationships hold. Not only the relationships within your family, but your relationships to your neighbors, to your friends, to your city, and to all humanity. Rather than bashing other religions and/or cultures, it is definitely more productive to come together and work towards a common goal. That’s definitely what I plan on doing.

  58. Elaine says:

    So incredibly disappointed in the city and the narrow minded Edmontonians who forced this man to shut down his display. I am sure that our esteemed civic leaders could, if they wanted to, have come to some civilized answer to the problems that were being caused by the traffic for the few weeks this display was up. Perhaps a suitable parking area at the nearby Northtown mall could have been arranged or some other agreeable compromise could have been found. I have many very happy memories of taking my children and friends to see this display. I loved to watch their wide eyed amazement as they stared through the numerous windows, watching the incredible dioramas turning and moving throughout the house. I regret that now my grandchildren will miss the opportunity to marvel at all the beautiful lights and amazing decorations that this man spent months putting together to honor his mother and bring a little more Joy to the season. Poorly done Edmonton, poorly done!

  59. Donna says:

    This is terrible!! All he is trying to do is put a smile on peoples faces, and raise food for the food banks!! Shame on ppl for taking something so small and blowing it way out of proportion!! It’s really very simple, if you don’t like the effects this has on the traffic, re-route your drive and avoid it!! If you have any issues with this-avoid it!! I think it’s terrible that they r making him shut this down! Then we wonder what’s wrong with our world ?? This is a perfect example why our world is declining!! My goodness!! I say leave him alone, allow him to continue!! We really need more ppl like this man in our world!!

  60. Steve C. says:

    Excellent and hilarious post by Karyn!

    I am probably in the SILENT majority camp regarding this article. In other words, I disagree with the VOCAL minority bullies here dumping on Karyn. Jerry Dolynchuk’s display was incorporating more and more city land without permission. What part of liability insurance do you people do not understand?

    If one homeowner is allowed to bypass city laws, it will flood open a can of worms. Why don’t the guy across the street put up a massive Ramadan display? Why don’t I sell my front lawn for advertising space for a major corporation?

    This issue is not about killing the spirit of Christmas. It’s about common sense! And most people disagreeing with Karyn does not have any!

  61. Yvonne says:

    Bet if they changed the name to holiday house instead of christmas the problem would be solved

  62. Dean says:

    Wow, I read five comments and was sickened. As an edmontonian for 40 years, I’ve never been more embarrassed and disappointed before this story. This city is so focused on the “what’s in it for me?” Logic that we have become a city comprised of policies which creates a society of whiners and complainers. I don’t see many people debating over all the lights left on in the government building downtown overnight, 365 days a year. It’s interesting how the agenda of the decision makers always seem to be protected around the very policies they have created. Why is it that this isn’t identified as a conflict of interest? Power, property, safety, concerns…non of which are relevant when you look at the reasoning behind what he was doing! He asked for no money and did it as a tribute to his mother. Maybe he should have done what they city would like to do with arenas, and lrts, create buzz then charge for parking or generate revenue. No one seems to draw attention to the countless edmontonians who park along side 97st just a stones through away from this house, to take pictures using the backdrop of the trees. How long before a fence is erected along there or the city places meters? My advice, move to a neighbouring community and continue your tradition, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms, just be sure to pay your toll on the way out of Edmonton.

  63. Millie says:

    I’m with you Dean. I couldn’t agree more. I find it really sad that whenever someone tries to do something that’s for the enjoyment of many, a few self serving politically correct complainers, Bullies, and power freaks have to spoil it for others.
    If they are so offended why not travel down 82 St. or Castle Downs Road. I often went out of my way down 97 St. to enjoy the Christmas feeling it gave me.

  64. Gwen says:

    I took the time to read every comment here…. I drive by this house every 2 weeks to drop off my step son. One year we stopped and walked around. My comments here are for both sides of the story.
    Positive: it’s a wonderful thing to see that one person is still in love with christmas. He provides a site for people to walk around and see all that he has. It’s colorfull and magical! Each time I drive by I always wonder what he has added. This is a great help to the food bank and for having family that has needed it, it was a relief for them. My description would be a winter wonderland. Kids smile and memories are made. Power, well it’s not my bill.
    Negative: there is a lot of stuff, insurance should be purchased, it’s not expensive. But if someone slipped and fell he should be covered if he is allowing people to walk on his property. And why use the city property, if u have too much maybe switch out ever few years, lessen the amount that is out there and more people might enjoy it.

    Both sides have a lot to say

  65. Jerry says:

    Sounds like Karyn lives on Candy Cane Lane and has never seen Maisie’s Magical Christmas House. If you go on line and look at all the pictures of Maisie’s Magical Christmas House, you will see never in the eight years that never at any time, not even once that plywood cutouts or inflatable snowmen’s and Santa’s were ever used. They are everywhere on Candy Cane Lane. So if she hates these items why does she like Candy Cane Lane and hate Maisie’s Magical Christmas House.

  66. Jerry says:

    Starfish says:
    November 3, 2013 at 6:18 pm
    Do you people not realize that you are all BULLIES??? I finally just stopped reading the comments because no matter wat Karens opinion is does not give any of you ADULTS the right to be calling someone a bitch or miserable. Comment after comment, she is being degraded…..her opinion is her opinion but a bigger person would not engage in schoolyard bullying such as this. Many of you are prolly parents who talk to your kids about bulying so i suggest you eat your words


    I think Starfish needs to go back to the ocean. Karyn is bullying Maisie’s Magical Christmas House and making everybody mad. Tell me if that is not bullying. Starfish have you ever heard that saying, if you cannot say something good about someone don’t say anything at all.

  67. Jerry says:

    Unknown says:
    November 4, 2013 at 3:42 am
    While it is a shame that the house is no longer – all the decorations from that house were paid for by his former store. His store went under this year around the same time he blamed the city for no longer having the display this year. Yes he did collect FOOD donations from the food bank but every $$ that was donated at his Christmas House was deposited into the stores bank accounts & no cheque was ever written to the food bank or any other charity.

    Unknown says: His store went under this year

    How would Unknown know this
    Can Unknown proof this
    Just because the store closes does not mean it went under
    Does Unknown not thing maybe the building and land sold for a good profit
    Does Unknown ever wonder why when the store was closing that there was a close out sale not a bankrupt sale

    Unknown says: Yes he did collect FOOD donations from the food bank but every $$ that was donated at his Christmas House was deposited into the stores bank accounts & no cheque was ever written to the food bank or any other charity

    Anyone can go on line and see that one year the house collect and donated to the diabetic association over $30,000.00 and tons of clothing
    Anyone can also call the diabetic association to confirm this
    Anyone can also call the Food Bank and they will also tell them about all the cash that was donated to the Food Bank over the years

    I think Unknown Unknowns anything

    There is a saying:

    Never believe anything you hear and half of what you see
    This is a perfect example why there is this saying

  68. jlp2000 says:

    It is truly a very sad thing when the city does not want what brings people joy, especially during the holiday season. The look on the faces, the happiness just to see it. Something so simple can brighten peoples lives….let’s take it away. In the meantime, there was a 100 car accident last winter that sent many, many people to the hospitals. We all get to pay for that, medical comes out of tax payers wallets, right? The higher ups decide these things. Let’s not keep the roads clean. Let’s wait until the snow stops to plow, sand and salt, let people commute safely. It costs too much to clean up the streets repeatedly. Why clean them up while people are using them. Let them all get hurt, upset their families, destroy their vehicles, get sent to the area hospitals. Is that cheaper? This city is honestly one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. The government will give shop owners $750 to remove spray paint from their buildings to keep downtown ‘beautiful’, but forget about keeping your people safe or letting them have a light display during the holidays. That makes so much sense. Not! Whoever is making decisions should be removed from office, they are ass-backwards.

  69. Marj says:

    It was beautiful and he was doing the city a favor at his expense now that the city wants to make it take most of down they to me dont need the donations for food bank someone foes something nice for the people of edmonton and someone has to ruin it i will never donate to edmonton i feel by the city stopping someone for doing nice things for the people u dont need help for donation so sad but thats edmonton for u love ur house that was something my kids and others enjoyed to see every year but oh well there loss buddy u did ur part so just wash ur hands happy best of luck
    sad marj

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